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My name is Brandon Jozsa, and I am located in Charlotte, NC. I work as a Principal of Technology for a large telecommunications company, with a concentration on Network Security. I've worked in this industry for over 18 years, which is insane for me to wrap my head around, because it doesn't seem that long and I don't feel as old as it sounds!

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My Wonderful Wife:

The first person to whom I owe everything, is my wife. Some would thank God, some would thank their mother, but I choose to thank the person who's allowed me to explore tech for hours without limit. Writing about tech, searching for new solutions, learning...all of these things take time. In life, we're only allotted 24 hours in a day, and much of my day [after work hours] is dedicated towards learning. Thank you for being the most patient and loving person I know. I love you with all of my heart, Rachel M. Jozsa!

My Editor:

Well, this is convenient! My wife is also my editor. She's an incredibly talented editor and technical writer. I often write more than she has time to review. So for any critics out there, any errors are errors on my part, not hers.

Rachel M. Jozsa (Collins) is highly respected by her peers at Garretson Resolution Group located in Charlotte, NC, and with good reason.

She graduated from the esteemed University of Georgia, was a member of the Redcoats Marching Band, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the Franklin School of Arts and Sciences. While there, she was also an Administrative Assistant at the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

After she finished her undergrad (in 3 years), she continued on to the College of Charleston where she obtained her Masters Degree in English. While at the school, she worked for the Office of the President under the leadership of P. George Benson. She was also the President of the Graduate School Association during her final academic year, and she was the only one of her peers to graduate as a published author, having completed her thesis "An Analysis of Father/Daughter Relationships in Contemporary Chicana Fiction." During her academic career, she also worked as an Adjunct Professor of English at Trident Technical College.

I think Rachel is absolutely brilliant, but call me biased. Just writing about her puts perspective on my personal accomplishments (I'm just a Network Security guy). If you would like to contact her about opportunities or would like to know more about her, please visit her LinkedIn Profile.